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sila maafkan saya wahai pecinta bahasa sekalian. :D

Monday, May 28, 2012


Yes praise to Allah, everything back to its position. :)
friends we hurt they also hurt or maybe they hurting right now... Yes its true. Nur farahin Indrawarman, I know my action mostly hurt you but I really love you just sometimes i don care about you , it does not mean I don not really care about you. I do dear, i do dear in my prayer insyaAllah. well up and down 2 years with you.
i am blessed to has a friend like you. till jannah InsyaAllah. :)

What i been explain to you it is not an excuse but it is true. I need you to know that not a lie, i will surely not left you out, but it was the pop out plan (well suddenly planning)

i am sorry dear.. :(
well it is a hikmah that you sudenlly tak sengaja tekan unfollow button kaau tak maybe sampai sekarang aku fikir lain kau pun fikir lain. well Nurfarahin Indrawarman you are one of my precious friend, I cried because i afraid to lost a sweet person like you  and I feel so awkward during that bad time and i will not lie, of cos i had been mad, because that moment i was not understand your feeling and i thought you just like a child hehe :P
because just only about that thing to been mad to me. sory mek

so alhamdulilalah we been back again, will you, me, dilla, faya, fyfa, yati, lijah, exan, seha,wana, fida,ana, aida, cy will create such a happy moment on this finally sem that we only had. I really hope that:)

i put all the name of my housemate because most of the time I been with them.
i want to appreciate the time that had been lend to me with the sweety girls like u all . Ok buddy kiss and hug plis *such a typical ladies* ahha

peace no war.. put a smile on face.. ONE TWO THREE capture that image..yeah

haha aku pulak menulis kan, maacm dah tak jumap je lepas nih..aww well about ajal nobody know right. May this RAMDHAN we turn to be a better person.amin :)