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sila maafkan saya wahai pecinta bahasa sekalian. :D

Saturday, March 31, 2012

They Said

They said  woman does not waiting to hear this 3 words from a man or guy.
which is:
I love you 
I miss you

we*since i'm girl too*
waiting for this 3 words from the man that we must obey anything that He said as long as not broke the Islamic @ syariah law

that is

the hand shake betewen wali and you Mr right is the precious moment that all girl were
waiting for.

yes man, we girl @ woman were waiting this word actually..
because this is the magic word that will lead us to the barakah
and jannah
insyaAllah :)
thanks google image
this post based on my one of my friend on fb
they had been said this
and i admit yes.. all woman were waiting for this.

indahnya islam..:)

My Sweetheart

Introduce to you my sweetheart after my family.

Characteristic of my sweat heart that make my heart melt each time I see it.
Cant stand to not hold, hug and kiss it..
I am so in love with this my sweetheart, it really make my day :)

It comes to me to replace my old sweetheart, yes before this I have few sweetheart that so sweat like her, but the not longer live in this world..

Guess what is my sweetheart ?????

jeng.jeng.jeng..this is my sweetheart always be my sweetheart forever and ever.. thanks to my friend Ezzan nawawi to give her to me..:D

Her age only 4 weeks this time.

Grow Up
Please LOVE ME..PLEASE~~~~~~~

Hai nama saya KATIK
saya gegurl ok>:)
*saya memang sayang kucing * nak2 yang comel tu..:)
2 months holidays will fully spend with her :)
Macam mana lah x fall in love kan ???