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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Just want to say sometimes I can be an annoying person due to the situation.

and beware I can put a fake smile :) even that time I should  :( cry

the secret weapon is, PRETEND till the end..

scary... huhu
my friends always said
it will easy to become like you, happy go lucky, if have a problem you can motivate yourself.. she said that before i'm telling a secret that make her shock... god give us problem not to cry on but to solve it
if you cant than try accept it..that how I live.. and who said it easy, seriously it hard, so hard.

to the person that think you are strong, you are not strong enough if you let others see your tears..

ok jum smbng tgok korean drama.. have a good day everyone..:)

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  1. ahaa..fake and annoying?hmm..yeah,smtimes..mybe penat nk lyan kerenah org,tp trpksa sbb hrmat ngn kdaan..:)..btw,berminat dgn shwl pnjgn dan lebar?..