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Saturday, March 31, 2012

They Said

They said  woman does not waiting to hear this 3 words from a man or guy.
which is:
I love you 
I miss you

we*since i'm girl too*
waiting for this 3 words from the man that we must obey anything that He said as long as not broke the Islamic @ syariah law

that is

the hand shake betewen wali and you Mr right is the precious moment that all girl were
waiting for.

yes man, we girl @ woman were waiting this word actually..
because this is the magic word that will lead us to the barakah
and jannah
insyaAllah :)
thanks google image
this post based on my one of my friend on fb
they had been said this
and i admit yes.. all woman were waiting for this.

indahnya islam..:)

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